Incarnation Catholic School  strives to educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically in a Catholic environment. One of our efforts to achieve this goal is through our Enrichment Program. ICS has an Enrichment Program to meet the needs of students that are intellectually or creatively gifted. Our program has two different offerings for our students.

The kindergarten and first grade classes participate in all-class immersion where all students are offered enrichment. This approach allows for all students from a variety of abilities the opportunity to participate in the enrichment lesson. In addition, the gifted teacher has the opportunity to prescreen these students for future placement in the pull-out program. Grades 2 – 8 are structured as a “pull-out” program of both acceleration and enrichment.

Goals and Objectives
To provide enrichment services for those students identified.

  • Provide activities to promote the development of critical thinking, higher thinking levels, independent research methods and investigations, and advanced communication skills.

To provide differentiated student experiences to meet the cognitive, affective and social needs of the identified students.

  • Students will develop research skills and methods.
  • Teachers will allow in-depth learning of a self-selected topic within the area of study.
  • Develop the student’s intellectual and creative abilities through challenging instructional activities.
  • Nurture personal growth and skills of interactions, including leadership.

To provide opportunities for students to develop productive, complex, abstract and/or higher-level thinking skills.

  • Provide opportunities for in-depth study that corresponds with the students’ personal interests.
  • Assist students to become more independent and effective learners.

Provide a variety of learning environments including field trips, community service, and community involvement.

  • Utilize members of community and community facilities.
  • Incorporate community out-reach activities each year.
  • Incorporate at least one field trip a year, either off campus or on campus a year.

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