ICS has an Enrichment Program to meet the needs of students that are intellectually or creatively gifted. Our program has two different offerings for our students.

  • The kindergarten and first grade classes participate in all-class immersion where all students are offered enrichment.
  • Grades 2 – 8 are structured as a “pull-out” program of both acceleration and enrichment.

Goals and Objectives

  • Students will improve research skills and methods.
  • Develop  intellectual and creative abilities through challenging instructional activities.
  • Nurture personal growth and skills of interactions, including leadership.
  • Provide opportunities for in-depth study that corresponds with the students’ personal interests.
  • Assist students to become more independent and effective learners.
  • Provide a variety of learning environments including field trips, community service, and community involvement.
  • Incorporate community out-reach activities each year.

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