Students at Incarnation experience Music in a variety of ways.  Regular music classes are offered for PreK-8th grade students.  Students are taught to sing a varied repertoire of songs which include traditional folk songs, hymns, liturgical music and contemporary praise choruses.  Students study the five fundamental elements of music, which include melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form.  Score reading and music notation are also introduced at age-appropriate levels.  Students have several opportunities to apply movement to music with the use of fingerplay, sign language, choreographed movements and circle games.   Each student learns to play our class set of percussion instruments during the year, and upper elementary students will receive introductory woodwind instruction on our classroom set of recorders as well.

Students perform at various times in the year, including our annual Christmas program.  Students in grades 2-8 are encouraged to participate in the children’s choir offered through the church music ministry.