Why Choose ICS?


Dear ICS and Staff Administration

As our family’s 16 year stay at Incarnation Catholic School is sadly coming to a close, my husband and I feel moved to share some thoughts on our time here. Our three children are all so different, each with their own God-given strengths and weaknesses; academically, socially, spiritually and physically. We would love to take credit for all their successes ( and perhaps none of the blame for their failures), but we are very aware of the part this wonderful school and staff have played in their development. Let’s face it, our children have spent more hours in this school with all of you, than with us! The re-occurring theme of Christian Virtues, kindness, hard work, prayer and GRIT are present every day at ICS. In Preschool thru 5th grade the kind, nurturing environment is palpable. The academic rigor and independence of their middle school education, along with the importance Christian Virtues, has truly set Incarnation apart!

We did not want to leave ICS without saying thank you to everyone involved in their maturation. Of course we as their parents think our children are wonderful, and a big reason for their success is directly tied to your guidance in helping form them into these mature, thriving, and responsible adults.

If you like to share this with the ICS community we would like to share one more thought. Parents, you are surrounded by the most caring, prayerful and supportive  community of parents and families. They have your back if you need them! Get involved and stay involved. Don’t sit on the sidelines. You will end up making lifelong friendships and be a part of something very special: A true fellowship of like-minded parents that we have been so blessed to call our school family. I hope every family gets to experience the same thing. So while our children have now all graduated from Incarnation, we will se all of you at Church and look forward to seeing your children thrive!!!


Amy & Billy Ryan

I wish I had a dime for every time I have tried to answer this question especially when it is followed by, “The public schools in this area are just so good.”  I can honestly say that I agree!  The Collierville Schools are wonderful.  I am a substitute teacher for Collierville Schools and I couldn’t agree more.  However, in my opinion, public schools are leaving out the most important “lessons” we can teach our kids.  They aren’t able to equip children with the most essential tool in this life; they aren’t allowed to bring God into their day.  When I think about my choice to send my children to Catholic Schools versus public schools, the answer for me is very simple and very clear.  It comes down to my main goal as a parent and what I hold most important for my children.

I want my kids to learn first and foremost that their goal in this life is to lead a life worthy of eternal paradise with our Lord.  I see our life here on Earth as a test; a stepping stone to heaven.  I believe every hurdle, every heart ache, and challenge is in God’s plan.  My goal, as a Mom, is to teach them to live the life Christ intended them to lead; focusing on ways to help others, being kind and keeping God present in their lives.  When I send them to school, I want them around teachers and adults that share my same goal.  I want them in a school that teaches them to turn to God in every aspect of their lives.  We cannot completely shield our children from the evils of this world , nor can we keep them innocent forever, but I am confident that by sending my children to Catholic Schools, they are being taught the right way to live this life.

I feel the most important gift we can give our children is the foundation of faith.  I feel Catholic Schools not only lay that foundation , but they work to strengthen it.  In Catholic Schools, children start their days praying, pray at mealtimes and at the end of each day.  If students are worried about a test, they are taught to prepare, study and pray about it.  They are taught to be thankful, recognize all they have been given and pray to God for all of their blessings.  They go to mass weekly and pray the rosary together.  Our children see parents working together as a community.  They know that when a family at school has lost a loved one or may be going through a difficult time they are asked to pray for that family and they see meals being arranged for that family.  Christ’s teachings are reinforced by the actions all around them.  It is a sacrifice for Matt and I to send our children to Catholic Schools, but for us it is a priority as well.  I want my children to know the importance of their relationship with God.  I cannot think of a better way to prepare them for this crazy world than to put them in an environment that keeps them focused on God!


Parent of Kindergarten & 4th Grade ICS Students

I want to express, yet again, how polished, astute, and confident our Incarnation Students are each year at the 4H Speaking Competitions.  There is a marked difference in the way they conduct themselves in such a sophisticated activity. I am always proud to see their talent.  It is no coincidence that our students are so competent and successful. As you know, Public Speaking, by far, is one of the most critical skills for our children to learn. In a day and age when we are “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” in so many realms of Education, I am very grateful that oratorical skills are still a paramount lesson at ICS.

I wanted to let you know that many of the Shelby County Schools are participating in a Constructed Response Pilot for English/Language Arts.   My daughter has had to do several “timed writes.”  On the latest timed write, her scores were all 4s!! ( the highest she could get!) She finished the first semester of 9th grade with a 4.0 GPA, in seven classes. Thanks for all of your efforts in getting her to this point. As Oscar Romero noted, “we plant seeds that we may not see flourish…” Please know the seeds you have planted are sprouting.

We have been very impressed with the academic challenges and love the inclusion of weekly rosary/monthly adoration.  Also impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and lack of bullying—good job!

I would like to say that our overall involvement with Incarnation has been a very positive experience.  I think you have a great group of teachers, students and parents.  I am proud to say that my son goes to Incarnation.  Keep up the good work!

The polite mannerism and concern for all extends from administration all the way to the students.  The students are provided with excellent examples.

I think one of the greatest strengths the school offers is the one on one time spent with the children.  Children are not allowed to slip through the cracks.