Based on Early Learning Developmental Standards for Reading/English Language Arts and Mathematics, our Pre-K program encourages experiences that will prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Many Pre-K programs focus on “play based” programs, as opposed to our more academic approach. Weekly instruction for our active and eager learners consists of cognitive preparation, physical exercise, social emotional development, and religious instruction.

Our daily program includes Reading, Writing, Listening, Math, Religion, Centers, Story Time, and Special Activities that include Physical Education, Music, Art, Library, Spanish, and Computer. Social studies and science are explored through weekly themes. The Pre-K class has a full time assistant to support the teacher in providing for the academic needs of each student and helps the families to be a significant contributor to learning and development.


Our Kindergarten program features large group, small group, and individual activities to promote creative development. The program balances quiet times for listening, times for active exploration, centers, and projects. Our goal is to teach the whole child, addressing the needs of each child’s mind, body and soul. At Incarnation, our students are loved and nurtured as unique individuals from a loving God.

Our integrated curriculum includes a strong phonics-based Language Arts program that emphasizes the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to prepare our students for first grade. Our Math program focuses primarily on real world concepts, and our Science and Social Studies programs stress observation and analysis of the natural world. The Religion curriculum for our kindergartners emphasizes Catholic prayers and learning about God’s creations through bible stories, prayers, songs and attending Mass. Our students learn to exemplify truth, honor, and self-discipline, while modeling the virtues of compassion and respect for both others and themselves.

To further enhance our Kindergarten curriculum, ICS students participate in classes such as Spanish, Art, Music, Computer, P.E. and Library. Kindergarten class sizes average 20 students and have a full-time assistant.

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