Preschool Registration

Registration for the 2017-2018 school year is ongoing throughout the year based on availability.   Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, based on registration number issued during registration.  Parishioners, existing students and siblings are given first priority for enrollment. Please read the Registration Letter from the Director.  As a time saver, please complete the Registration Form in advance. Indicate your 1st and 2nd class preference on the registration form. Every effort will be made to place your child in your preferred class. A $100 non-refundable application fee must accompany the registration form. The remaining fees (Activity Fee and May 2018 tuition) will be due once your child’s placement in the program has been confirmed. All additional student paperwork must be submitted prior to your child’s first day of attendance.

Incarnation Catholic Preschool offers an Aftercare Program. The Aftercare Program will run from 2:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. There will be two classes; a one/two year old class and a three/four/five year old class. Each class must have a minimum of 5 students committed to the program for the program to open. A $50 Aftercare Fee is due once your child’s placement in the program has been confirmed.

Incarnation’s Preschool provides preschool educational opportunities to children 1 through 5 years old. Priority will be given to members of Incarnation Church, faculty, and siblings.

Tuition & Fees

Incarnation Preschool Program has set the following tuition:

2017-18 School Year:
Two days per week ~ $206.00 per month
Three days per week ~ $309.00 per month
Four days per week ~ $412.00 per month
Five days per week ~ $515.00 per month
Application Fee: $100 non-refundable due at the time of registration
Activity Fee: $150 per child
Aftercare Fee:  $50

Application Fee: This fee is non-refundable. If you are not offered placement, and you wish to be on the waiting list, the fee will be applied when the child is placed in the program

Activity Fee & May Tuition: Once your child is placed in the program, the activity fee and May tuition for the following year will be due. The Activity Fee covers special activities throughout the year such as Pumpkin Patch, Christmas Plates, Film Development, Animal Farm Day, etc.

Records: We require the following forms to be on file in the preschool office: Registration Form, Tennessee Preschool Immunization Certificate, Child’s Health History, Enrollment Summary, Diocese Health and Medical Release, Photo Consent and copy of birth certificate.


Release of a Child: Children will be released only to the parents unless otherwise instructed by the parent. Each morning when you sign your child in, please fill out who will pick up your child. If something should change during the day, please call the preschool office at 861-5414.

Withdrawal: We ask parents give written notice, at least four weeks in advance, prior to withdrawing your child from the program. This should be given to the director.

We reserve the right to remove any child who is destructive or harmful to self or others. This would be done only after numerous parent/teacher/director conferences. It is not our goal to remove any child from our program, rather to embrace each child in a loving, Christian environment.

Parent Orientation will be held in August.  Letters regarding Parent Orientation, Teacher Assignments and Supply Lists will be mailed to parents in mid-July. Classes begin in August with a staggered schedule the first week.


Registration Forms

The following forms must be completed and submitted to the Preschool office once your child has been accepted into the program or no later than your child’s first day of school:

What to Bring

Supply List: Coming Soon.

Food:  We will provide a morning snack with water or milk.  The monthly snack calendar will be posted on the bulletin board.  You will need to send a balanced lunch and drink.  The one year old room has a refrigerator and microwave.  Unless your child is in the one year old room, please do not send food that needs to be refrigerated or heated.

Clothing:  Please send a complete season appropriate change of clothing, including socks, in case of accidents.  The children will go outside (weather permitting) or play in the gym everyday, so dress them accordingly.  If your child is still in diapers, please send a minimum of four (4) diapers per day and dress your child in clothes that are “diaper friendly”.  If your child is being potty trained, please send them in clothes that are easy to maneuver, since dressing skills are a part of potty training.

Rest Time:  All ages will rest after lunch.  Please send a small blanket to use as a cover.  If your child needs a special stuffed animal or pacifier, please send that as well.  Mats are provided.  Please send a fitted crib sheet or mat cover to cover the mat.  Mat covers (Happi Nappi’s) may be purchased from the Preschool and will be available at Parent Orientation.

No Toys:  Please do not send toys to school with the exception of a nap time stuffed animal or for an assigned “show and tell” period.  We have a variety of toys which have been chosen for fun and skill development.

Labels:  Please label everything your child brings to school.  This includes lunch boxes, thermoses, food containers, backpacks, jackets, diaper bags, sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, etc.

Preschool Office Hours

9am – 3pm

Preschool Hours

9:30am – 2:30pm

Get in Touch

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