Technology at ICS

Technology touches every part of our students’ lives in today’s modern society and becomes more important each day. Students use technology daily and will probably do so for the rest of their lives, so by bringing technology into our school, we enable our students to develop an enthusiasm for learning and it shows in our school’s test scores.

Incarnation Catholic School employs technology throughout the campus and curriculum to maximize the learning experience for our students and enhance the teaching experience for our faculty, all the while keeping Jesus Christ and curricular goals at the forefront for our students. Technology is also used to support the faculty and staff; improve communications amongst parents, faculty and staff; and to streamline the overall operation of the school.

We utilize a campus-wide wireless network along with desktop and laptop computers in the Technology Lab and classrooms, as well as iPad carts. We stress the responsibility that each student has in the use of technology. As part of our 1:1 initiative, each of our middle school students has a Chromebook to utilize in the classroom and at home for school-related work. All Preschool through 8th grade classrooms have ceiling mounted projectors used to support curriculum and bring the world into the classroom on a daily basis.

All students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade are given weekly instruction in our Technology Lab. Students are taught not only computer and various software package basics, but also how to safely search the internet so they can effectively research everything from ancient civilizations and saints to what impacts us today. Students in grades 4 through 8 have the ability to save their work on Incarnation’s cloud storage via Google. They can seamlessly access their projects in the computer lab, in their classroom, in the library, or at home. They also have the capability to access homework assignments and grades via internet-based Headmaster.

In Technology classes, upper grades utilize Lego Mindstorms and all 1st through 8th graders learn basic coding. We also have a 3D printer to encourage our students’ creativity and they figure out solutions to real-world challenges via STEM projects.  We have some exciting things going on at ICS!